Quick-Start Guide

Trinity Fusion is a sci-fi roguelite set in a dying, man-made multiverse.

In it, you play as Maya, a woman that’s psychically connected to her three parallel selves. Together, they’re the key element in a plan to save this doomed multiverse by ending it, fusing their unique branches back into one stable timeline again.

You’ll start your runs by selecting a character and entering their universe through a portal in the hub. Each universe has its own unique theme and enemies, from a failing agricultural world filled with beasts that have mutated out of control, a factory world ruled by Machines, or the sky cities of a post-human cyborg society.

Each character comes with their own weapon specialties as well, from traps, to heavy battle hammers to guns and rocket launchers.

While exploring, you may come across doors with corrupted red portals to the In-Between, a unique environment with a completely different gameplay flow. Fight through a series of arenas and tricky platforming challenges, all while choosing your rewards for completing each one. The In-Between offers players that brave it a huge number of upgrades, as well as the ability to cross over to one of the other universes, allowing players to take characters into universes that aren’t their own.

As you explore each universe, you’ll have the opportunity to fuse your characters together for the rest of your run, combining their strengths and abilities. Combine Kera with Naira or Altara, for example, and you’ll gain access to their double jumps, drastically improving Kera’s air combo potential.

You’ll also come across frequent upgrades called Amplifiers that provide bonuses, sometimes with an activation condition. Collect 3 Amplifiers from the same category to unlock a Powerup, which have more dramatic effects. Can’t decide which Amplifier to take? Check out which Powerups you are making progress towards at the top of the screen.

Combat Basics

When you start Trinity Fusion, you will have two weapons, a Primary Weapon, and an Energy Weapon.

Your Primary Weapon deals low-to-medium damage and generates Energy, which you will find on the HUD in the bottom left.

Your Energy Weapon will consume the Energy Meter when used, and will normally be your biggest damage dealer. Several Energy Weapons, like the Orbitars that Altara starts with, can be charged for additional damage or effects.

The general flow of Trinity Fusion is to build up Energy with your Primary Weapon, and then spend it on these larger, more damaging Energy Weapon attacks.

Defeating opponents will increase your Power Level. This scales up the effectiveness of Abilities and certain Amplifiers, as well as improves the quality of any weapons you find going forward.

Once you’re in-game

Levels are procedurally generated out of dozens of rooms per biome.

Levels have two exits.

  • One leads to the next biome, and the other leads to the In-Between.
  • If you’re lost or can’t locate the exit, check your map for unexplored paths by either pressing the Back button on your controller (assuming Xbox layout) or by pressing Tab on your keyboard.
  • The path to the In-Between may require a Traversal Ability to reach. You’ll get these abilities by defeating the different bosses. 

Normal levels are meant to be more metroidvania-styled, with branching paths and exploration. The In-Between is structured more like Hades, a collection of arenas and challenges the player progresses through one-by-one while choosing their rewards for completing them.

All levels have one Fusion Gate. You can spend coins that you find mid-run to Fuse any two characters you have unlocked, giving you access to both of their weapons and abilities at the same time.


As you play through the levels, you will come across Amplifier Stations that are one of your primary sources of upgrades mid-run.

Amps come in multiple categories, and collecting enough Amps in the same category will activate a more drastic upgrade called a Powerup or Synergy. You can see which Powerups you are currently making progress towards on the top of the Amplifier Selection Screen.

Once you’ve died

On death, you will be returned to the Citadel. Here, you can chat with characters, purchase permanent upgrades, or change the difficulty before starting your next run.

On the bottom floor you will find:

  • Psychic Augments. Here, you can spend the rarer currencies that you find throughout your run to unlock and equip permanent upgrades.
    • The blue currency is used to buy new upgrades
    • The gold currency is used to unlock new upgrades for purchase, or expand the number of upgrades you can have equipped at once
    • A resurrection upgrade is behind the first unlock with the gold currency, should you need it.
  • Stasis Pods where you can change your character
  • Nalimyet. Speak to her to see the record of all of the Amps you’ve found so far.

On the top floor:

  • The Portal to start a new run
  • Director Relan. Speak with him to adjust the Difficulty of the game.
  • Cirre. Speak with her to check your stats and records of previous runs

    Hardcore Mode

    Unlocked after completing a successful run on Veteran difficulty.


    More than just a difficulty option, Hardcore mode is basically its own game mode. We HIGHLY recommend trying it out once you have a feel for the game. It’s honestly become our favorite way to play the game in the studio.


    Enemies will increase in difficulty the longer you stay in the same biome. A timer ticks down on the right hand side of the screen at all times, letting you know when the enemies are about to get tougher. Clear stages quickly, or you might have trouble.


    Maya’s link to her counterself can be disrupted by enemy attacks. Take too many hits in a row and you’ll be sent back to the Citadel, regardless of what your remaining HP is.


    More support enemies will spawn per location. Enemies whose jobs are to buff others will appear more often, turning otherwise normal encounters into chaotic scrambles.